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Laura Fuxa Spearfish, SD with pets

FREE 20-Minute
Discovery Consultation

Laura Fuxa

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Certified Personal Trainer

Pain-Free Mobility Specialist

"I help busy moms and those who suffer from chronic pain to make healthy lifestyle changes to improve their well-being."

  • ​nutrition support

  • personal training/group fitness

  • stress management

  • supplements

  • hormone balance

  • natural pain management 

Hello and welcome to A Path to Renewal! I'm guessing you either have a passion for wellness or you would like some help FINDING health and wellness?!

Since working as a Registered Nurse starting in 2007 and through my own health journey, I am passionate about helping others find the answers they've been searching for when it comes to their well-being. I look at health problems from a "root cause" perspective and help you to find "food as medicine", movement that YOU enjoy, and stress management techniques to bring your body and mind back into balance! 


As a busy mama myself, I know how challenging it can be to balance work, having children and their many needs, running a home; and also finding time to fulfill relationships with my husband, family, and friends, as well as time for self-care (exercise, eating healthy, stress management). I will help you to look within and empower you to make lifestyle changes that will make a HUGE difference in your life, and in the lives of those around you!!!

Are you wondering if any of this is for you? If you:

  • have tried ALL the numerous "diets" out there (and STILL aren't having success)

  • worked your butt off at the gym (and are NOT getting the results you want) OR need help getting started OR re-started

  • struggled with hormone imbalance (weight gain, mood swings, irritability, hot flashes, decreased sex drive, disrupted sleep)

  • ARE READY AND WILLING to do the work it takes to see positive and LASTING changes 

  • Realize there is NO quick fix and your body has unique needs that need your attention...


See the "services" page to learn more about the many options that I offer to fit your needs.

Schedule your FREE discovery call to learn about a health coaching program can get you the answers you're looking for!!! Thank you and take care!

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Laura is conveniently located downtown Spearfish and her workouts are quick and effective. Laura makes it easy to ask questions and her exercises can easily be modified or more advanced based on your needs. I love the small group environment where she can focus closely on my form to ensure I am doing my exercises correctly!

- K.R. - group fitness client

I really enjoyed all of it, but I found the meal planning and food advice to be very helpful. I also liked that Laura demonstrated exercises for me! Her enthusiasm and passion shine through as she works with you to achieve your goals. I would definitely refer people to Laura for her services! I appreciated that she really listened to me and which goals were my priorities, and did not pressure me into things I didn't feel were priorities.

Laura is very relatable and compassionate!

- health coaching client

Laura Fuxa is truly exceptional! She perfectly blends extensive expertise with personal experiences and compassion. Laura listens attentively to my health concerns and offers personalized recommendations. Her low-intensity strength-training class is a favorite and very effective! I highly recommend Laura and A Path to Renewal in Spearfish.

- D.G., health coaching and group fitness client

enjoy the journey

Some wonderful holistic doctors who've helped inspire my passion:

  • Dr. Eric Goodman - chiropractor/founder of Foundation Training

  • Dr. Mark Hyman - functional medicine doctor, founder and medical director of The UltraWellness Center

  • Dr. Josh Axe - chiropractor, natural medicine doctor, clinical nutritionist

  • Dr. Susan Blum - functional medicine doctor, founder and director of The Blum Center for Health

Stay Informed! 

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